Carol Guzy – Kosovo Refugees

The photo of Agim Shala, age 2 being handed through barbed wire depicts the plight of Kosovo refugees trying to escape into Albania. In 1999, refugees had been fleeing Kosovo ever since Serbia began a terror campaign against local Albanians.  The escape of refugees increased further when Slobodan Milosevic escalated the violence. During the height of the violence, 1 in 3 Kosovo Albanians were forced from their homes.  Nearly 600,000 refugees would wind up in refugee camps.

The image taken by Carol Guzy depicts a boy being reunited with family members at refugee camp on the border of Albania-Kosovo.  Ethnic violence of one group trying to fight for territory they believe is theirs always seems to result in mass refugee issues.

The image was part of a set of images depicting the plight of Kosovo refugees.  The set of photos won the Pulitzer Prize for photography. Carol Guzy shared the prize with photographers Michael Williamson and Lucian Perkins.


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